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Solution BluePrint (SBP) is Zensar's initiative to incorporate engineering practices in software development. Zensar's approach goes one step ahead towards building components and focusing on building reusable platform-agnostic models or Solution BluePrints, for platform-specific component generation. Thus the software-architecture designed, developed and modeled on SBP can withstand the test of time. 

BluePrint Foundry (BPF) is at the heart of Solution BluePrint, and is a collaborative framework for capturing business processes (using BPMN 1.0) and modelling/designing software applications. Built on the MDA-paradigm as an Eclipse-based modeling tool that is light-weight and intuitive, BPF adopts industry standards such as UML to make the job of a system designer/engineer that much easier.

 Advanced / Unique Features
 What's New!
  • Design Pattern Reference
  • Abstract Factory Pattern
  • Adapter Pattern
  • Command Pattern
  • Facade Pattern
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Visitor Pattern
  • Drag-and-drop Java Reverse Engineering (Class Diagram)
  • Copy/Paste Diagram option added
  • Manage External Types (Java)
    - Enables referencing third-party and framework types from
    external jars
  • Sequence Diagram enhancements for improved
    usability and flexibility
  • Auto arrange/layout support in multiple diagrams
  • Usability enhancements^
  • Maintenance fixes^
     ^See Release Notes for details
    * = Features not available in Community edition.
    For more information on a feature, please refer to the User Guide (available in the Downloads section)
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    BPF v0.8 Beta is now available! 
    No activation required
    Design Pattern Reference is now available!
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